Taking Test Site Live

Hi, I’m ready to go live with my first site.

This URL with instructions re the topic is unavailable (or perhaps it has been made redundant)?

Can someone kindly point me in the direction of some current and available instructions?

Hi @Reagan_Vautier. Sorry about the broken link. I’ve set up a URL redirect now so that will point to the updated article.

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Hi Adam, do you know if there’s a mechanism in treepl to force or redirect to the “www domain” (as opposed to the “non www domain”) like there was in BC?

Yes, but at the moment you just need to send a support ticket to Code Production asking them to set this up for you.
There’s no interface as yet to manage it yourself.

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When we go to take site live we need to click the ACTIVATE or MIGRATED button in the Status Column of the Treepl portal.
I used the automated migration tool for some aspects of my site so the button of the site I want to activate says MIGRATED.
It then asks me to pay the migration fee.
I became a partner when the partnership fee value of $2K could be used as $2k of migration credit.
My migration fee is less than $2K.
Q: Do I need to actually pay the migration fee first and then get reimbursed or is there another way to handle this where I simply use my avalable migration credit?

Hi Reagan,

Currently, this is done manually. Once you have a website with “migrated” status which you’d like to activate, simply email Treepl team at support@treepl.co and we’ll deduct your migration fee from the migration credit and move your site to the next step (“activate”). We’re going to automate this process soon to avoid any manual routine.