Treehouse Meeting #25

Meeting recording:

Open Meeting

Topics Discussed

0:00 Intro
0:14 Christmas Party Funding - THANK YOU!
1:25 Expanding Treehouse
2:28 v6.3 discussions
5:14 Marketplace discussions
6:31 Freelance/Agency Job Board
19:24 Product attribute pricing updating main product price
21:18 Shipping integration options
24:18 API and Zapier
24:58 Mailchimp integration and limitations
29:20 Job Board and Treehouse discussions
34:07 Client facing documentation/tutorials


In future Treehouse meetings, would you like to see short (5-10min) demos of various Treepl methods and functionality (eg: general/moderate usage of Liquid, coding techniques/best practices, setting up certain Treepl functionality, Treepl concepts, etc.)?

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  • Yes, this would really help me
  • Sure, would probably help others, but I don’t need it
  • Not really, I would prefer to see longer, more in-depth demos
  • No, this type of content would be better presented elsewhere

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