Treehouse Meeting #26

Treehouse Meeting #26 - NEXT WEEK


This meeting we’ll have fellow partner and Treehouse member Tilman Lochmüller (from Lochmüller Media) presenting his concept, and experiences, with replacing the Pages module with a Custom Module setup.

This is an interesting concept with very powerful possibilities so it’ll be great to see Tim’s implementation and insights into how this structure is working out so far.


In addition to Tim’s presentation, it’s an open meeting, so feel free to open discussions about anything relevant to the Treehouse community.

(Zoom link to come)

Check the Treehouse website for your timezone details:

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In addition, Alex from Treepl will also be joining us to discuss recent matters and help to answer any of your questions.

Here’s the Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Here’s the recording.
And as mentioned in the video, please continue to review Treepl’s new features and provide feedback to the team while in beta so we can get the best results possible.

Also, I’m sure I can speak for everyone in that our thoughts and prayers are with all the team and their families in Ukraine during these troubling times and we hope for a fast and peaceful resolution for everyone involved.