Troubles going live with domain on Go Daddy

Hi, we are experiencing difficilises going live with a site and setting TXT records in GoDaddy for one of our clients.

As soon as we set the TXT records as below we get send new TXT records from treepl. What are we doing wrong?

TXT _acme-challenge JuA7tIdtxvXLD5gKZNTZb8ZwTuO6VBifNBqXzrh7iKs 1/2 Hour
TXT _acme-challenge.www OeGk1xlm6F4lMLgEVCpePMGttB90u1ayBoCqLQmtFFo 1/2 Hour

I’ve had this occur as well. Usually after the 4th or 5th new TXT record provided it will work.
Annoying I know… some teething problems I think.
Reach out to Aleksey on Slack otherwise.

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@Erik Ive been having the same issues on all our recent site launches.
We got to about 4 versions of the records and gave up.

Just log a case on the Code Production site and Aleksey will get it sorted. Id also ping him on slack as well if its urgent.

EDIT: Sorry for the double post… looks like Adam and I were typing at the same time. ha

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interesting. i tried it for the 6th time and the TXT detection screen has gone from system. But now i can’t find where to get the A Record from :wink:

Hey guys! This will be addressed in future Treepl Portal release. Meanwhile, please submit a support ticket on this and we’ll do manual changes. Sorry for the inconvenience.