Unclear/semi-broken Launch Procedures and Quirks

Couple of things…

  1. Documentation fix request: https://docs.treepl.co/documentation_group/partner-portal/trial-site-activation-going-live
  • The steps have changed. ie Step 2 is request to see if its a migration or not. Step 3 is a BC NS check.
  1. Launch Step 3 is brokenish. It says “Change your NS records - Your NS is pointing to BC”. Ours was not. It was pointing to TPP, an external provider.

  2. TXT records are generated at Steps 3 AND 4. Which means I get 2 emails - The first email looks to be incorrect, as they are different.

  3. Launch Step 2 seems unfinished in the description:
    “Get started with Detailed design guidance and create custom…” and that’s it.

  • What is the point of this step? this should have NOTHING to do with launching… perhaps it should be in the trial site creation screen instead?

I’ll keep this post updated if I come across anything else.
Paging Drs @vlad.z or @alex.n :slight_smile:

In addition to Issues we are having today, (case already logged with CP) These things are still occurring for site launch. Whilst I consider us lucky as we have access to most of our domains, I can only assume this would be a nightmare on sites that we have to interact with a 3rd party to get records updated.