Unminified assets for templates please!

Would it be possible to have the minified assets (css in particular) for the templates?

Its a PITA to edit minified css, and yes I know I can uglify, but i feel like a better user experience is for the assets to be packaged with the template?

Open to conversation :grinning:


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Same here. I’m used editing templates from BC Gurus a lot. CSS would be in separate files like the core foundation file, files for screen and print and so on. Much better for developing. One can still put everything in one minified file when the project is finished.

Hi James,
Thanks for your question!

Yes, that’s fully possible! Recently, we’ve provided an opportunity to buy the Templates packages or the certain template separately to fully manage and edit the structure and the interface of them. Please follow this link to check out the information - https://treepl.co/cms-website-templates .


Hi Dima,

The first line on the template pages is “Free for Partners” https://treepl.co/cms-template/digital_agency.
One of the features listed is “Easy customize with scss”.

This completely implies that these files should be included in the template

It would be nice as a premium paying partner if this was the case.
Currently I don’t have access to the easy customizable scss files.

Can you please advised if the scss files are locked behind an additional paywall for Premium partners?
Or if the intention is that these will be provided in the future as part of the template download?


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Yes, would be good if we had the option to “turn off” and “turn on” what system CSS files get auto-rendered in the , this way, if we can “turn off”, then we can just include in our .scss file using @import and render all CSS together (for minification)

@A3CS Not sure I follow. I am talking about template styles on offer through the partner portal. Not system css files.

Hi James,

The Templates are free indeed for the Partners to use from the Partner Portal while creating the new websites. But you should pay to get the source code of our templates.

So for now, we are not providing with the template source code downloading for free. Alex will expand on it during the today’s Treehouse meeting.


Thanks for raising this.
In Slack, I gave a detailed explanation on why currently there is a cost for the templates assets: https://treepl.slack.com/archives/CC1074CQM/p1552572387024300

Can you please put a note under all the lines “Easy customize with scss”, something like "*requires additional cost ".

Currently its misleading and implies it comes with the template.

I don’t want other partners doing what I did and committed to a project only to be told after the fact that source files are an additional cost.


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Makes sense.
@Dima will take care of that.

Hi James,

This will be added in the nearest time.


@alex Do you mind if I copy your response from slack? I don’t think everybody has access to the treepl slack group and I think you gave a well reasoned explanation.

Here it is :slight_smile:

I hope you understand that delivering new features/improvements/fixes to you every 3 weeks in addition to support and server administration is an expensive venture.
Our recent involvement with “BC to Treepl” app project adds even more expenses.

Treepl templates is a separate project that is not related to the CMS and is performed by Code Production team.

In order for us to keep adding new templates/updating existing ones to the system, we are offering the template assets for extra cost.
This helps us cover the cost of templates design/development and therefore deliver at least one new template every month.

As soon as the CMS will be able to cover the cost of the templates design/development, we would offer the assets for free. By our current predictions it will happen early next year.

I hope this helps.