Upload File data link within an Email Autoresponder

If we want to include the form data that has been submitted in a file upload field within an email autoresponder that the customer can download, should {{this.formSubmissionData.fields.system.uploadfile.value}} be able to work for this or is this not doable?

Since a file upload field would be a custom field added to the form, you would need to access either the ‘Custom’ or ‘All’ objects within the formSubmissionData. So adjusting your example would be:


(changing ‘system’ to ‘custom’)

Note: this will just give you the file path, so if you want a link you’ll have to add the site domain and anchor code of course, eg:

<a href="https://www.yourdomain.com.au{{this.formSubmissionData.fields.custom.uploadfile.value}}">Download Here</a>

Yes of course @Adam.Wilson! Thank you for the confirmation.