Uploading new templates/snippets/pages via FTP

When we upload a new content template to the Content/ContentTemplates directory in FTP it is uploading the file ok but it’s not creating a template in the templates section. The same is true of snippets and pages. It would be helpful that a newly uploaded template automatically appears in the templates section with default settings that we need to fill in.

Another desired feature would be for the template/page/snippet settings (e.g. which template a page uses) is available as a json file so this can be downloaded and uploaded too.

This limitation greatly hinders our development flow as we’re developing these files locally using local tools. Our development flow uses github and a local webserver which runs the website locally. This allows for much faster development as we can use tools like compass and we have full tracking of our changes via git. The downside is that uploading our content back to Treepl is very cumbersome.


Hi @Allistar
Just read a little about your approach in the other thread with Alex - Sounds really interesting :+1:

Just wanted to clarify - If you upload a template html file to /Content/ContentTemplates it is not showing up in the backend under templates, so you would need to add it in the backend and copy/paste all of the templates individually? :grimacing:

Not sure if you are doing it in a more advanced way, but if I upload a template file to the folder it shows up in the backend? :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter-Schmidt, yes, we’re uploading templates using FTP. Are you uploading them using FTP or are you using the file manager to manually upload them? Perhaps that’s the difference. We work around this annoyance by creating the template first (empty) then when we upload it the content goes to the right place. Or alternatively we cut and paste the content. That can be tedious when there are many dozens of pages and snippets.

Hmm :thinking: I use FTP (Transmit) - In general I use FTP 99% of the time.
Have not experienced this before :thinking:

I can confirm also that uploading a template via FTP comes into the admin just fine.
I’m using Transmit also.
The only thing I’ve found where this doesn’t work is if I leave off the .html file extension.

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That might be a good explanation @Adam.Wilson :slight_smile: Hopefully that will solve that problem. Looking forward to getting feedback from @Allistar :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I confess that I’m going off what one of my developers has told me. I’ll do some further digging to see what’s going on.

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