URLs for tags - best practice for SEO in Treepl?

There’s one other subject I’ve come across while migrating blogs: In BC blog tags had dedicated URLs like domain.com/[blog]/tag/[tag name]/ which would list all the posts with that tag. In Treepl I use search parameters e.g. domain.com/[blog]/?prop_ModuleId=[Id]&prop_ItemTags=[tag name] to list blog posts with a certain tag as the system doesn’t generate dedicated URLs like BC did. That’s obviously not good for SEO, especially in the case of a migration as all the URLs for tags are lost in the process and the work to set up 301 redirects for each and every blog tag seems to be quite exhausting.
The only workaround I can think of is to set up a custom module for tags to create those URLs and dedicated landing pages. The same goes for categories by the way and of course this would be a matter not only for blogs but for any content using tags and/or categories.
What do you guys think?

That’s strange. I have a memory that URLs for categories and tags was already implemented. I can’t be bothered to manually review the completed backlog items. Maybe somebody else can confirm or deny this.

I implemented a category filter just like you did with URL params, and I remember seeing the feature come out and thinking I should go back and refactor those implementations. Might have been a dream though.

Is this already solved then? @vlad.z @Peter-Schmidt

@Alex_B_Centrifuge I don’t recall anything like this being implemented.
Perhaps you’re thinking of the Advanced URL Manager functionality and ‘multiple parent items’ which was introduced with the eCommerce stuff?

@TimL nested modules with ‘multiple parent items’ enabled would be a good workaround I think and would provide an advantage for SEO given the generated URLs. Would be a similar setup to eCommerce Catalogs/Products.

@Adam.Wilson Could be that I’m getting it confused with something else. I guess this is also a confession that I dream about treepl :slight_smile:

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There is no either public backlog request nor internal feedback task regarding such an issue.
It would be perfect if a public backlog request would be created and prioritized via votes.

Thanks, @vlad.z. We solve this with an extra module for tags to create proper URLs for SEO. Nobody else has commented here about having this problem and the backlog is full with more important stuff.