User Submitted File Upload to specific folder

Hey team, it’s been a while since I’ve done this and I don’t recall which site I implemented it on… lol, but does anyone know how to set a folder for user submitted custom module items?

I.e. I have a member image upload, I want the image that the member uploads to go into /images/members (again, this is a user-submitted item, from the front end of the site).


I wasn’t aware this was possible, so I’m keen to know how too if you find out.

@Peter-Schmidt and @Adam.Wilson just found this post from December.

Looks like it is not possible at the moment and should be added to the Public Backlog.

@Peter-Schmidt backlog item:

  • Ability to assign a custom folder path for user-submitted media objects.


To add to this, the option to set the default folder should also apply in the admin - so when selecting a file the file manager opens to the defined folder.


There you go @A3CS and @Adam.Wilson :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have more to this :slight_smile:

Thanks @Peter-Schmidt

@Anastasia_old do you know when we will have the ability to set Custom Folders for media uploads, for Customer Submitted Module Items? I see it was done as a global item (in MISC) and for Forms, but it hasn’t been done for Custom Module User Submitted Items yet. This is a BC functionality, so need to kno when this will be updated.


@TimL @Peter-Schmidt

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