User submitted items - redirect to view the submitted item rather than the Item Created Message

Hi everyone,
Loving playing around with Custom Modules and front end forms, much slicker than BC! I’m looking to see how I can redirect the user to the item they have just added or edited when they submit a new item or edit an existing one. Can we do this?

Hi @twrsj. Yes, you should be able to use the redirect hidden field in the module edit form:

<input type="hidden" name="redirectURL" value="/my-new-confirmation-page">


Ah. Just re-read your question… :slight_smile:
I guess the item won’t have been created yet… so in this case you’d probably need to do a javascript redirect after the form submission and pull the new item URL out of the form response perhaps.

Ok, so on your form submission page, this should get the new item URL:


You could feed that into some JS to do a redirect from there perhaps.