Using Cloudfare/CDN

We have a customer who will be featured on a national TV program, and we expect a huge bump in users. We’ve increased bandwidth for the month, but the Treepl team also recommended utilizing Cloudfare or another CDN solution.

Are any of you doing this? What does this look like? What gets moved to Cloudfare?
We are already pulling Foundation and JQuery from CDN libraries.


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Hi @shannonlynd

I use Cloudflare for most of my sites, but the typical usage is not so much a direct CDN - where you’d store online assets (although it can be as well) - but rather a proxy for the DNS (routing of web traffic) and management of asset caching and security.
So, by pointing the domain name to Cloudflare and configuring the DNS records there, Cloudflare can better manage and route traffic volumes and serve cached assets from their network rather than Treepl’s server.

There are also further optimisations Cloudflare can do for your site to optimise network load and there are more advanced tools available with their paid services as well.

Maybe a good topic for a Treehouse meeting :slight_smile: