UX /UI Improvement - System Emails and Autoresponders Test Button

Pretty Self explanatory.

Can we get a test button so we can test the email layouts etc for workflows/ system emails and autoresponders. (same as bc)

  • 1 billion votes for me
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Hi @James and @A3CS
Added here: https://treepl-site.treepl.co/public-backlog-state/request/ux-ui-improvement-system-emails-and-autoresponders-test-button

@Peter-Schmidt could backlog requests 3817 & 5030 be combined?

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@lee.relianceit - Sure, cool that you noticed :+1:

Does no one need this? How does anyone test the emails that are sent to client’s?

@luke - Yes, this would be a handy feature. I test the email responses by submitting the form and sending the workflow to me during testing. While this may seem like extra work, it allows me to work with the form and make adjustments there as well. So handy maybe, priority, not for me at this time my votes are for other features.

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