V 5.0 Release date: 19 Feb, 2020, How to: Ability To Assign Documents To A Secure Zone

So the Ability To Assign Documents To A Secure Zone was added in the latest release. I don’t see the ability to enable this feature. Is it plan restricted?

Guidance appreciated.

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@Alex_B_Centrifuge looks like right now it is only available on v.5.0 on trial sites only (I can see it on one of my trial sites). https://prnt.sc/r5w3zz

On this note, @vlad.z Secure Documents is great by the way, but I feel we need it to go one step further. As it is hard to include user-inputted file uploads in this… since all user-uploaded documents go into one system folder (separated by ID’s within that folder), it doesn’t make sense to just secure that one folder, as we may need that folder for other items to be available (i.e. not secured), so suggestion:

  • Can we have it as an option in Custom Modules / Forms for any “Uploaded” item to have a checkbox as to whether to secure that item or not (or some sort of trigger to assign it to a secure zone); or,
  • Allow us the ability to assign folders for uploaded items (via user submitted custom module or web form).


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@A3CS Thanks.

Since you’ve been playing with it, does it secure just the top level folder or are the child folders also secured? (As would be required to secure form attachments)

File manager seems to handle secure zone assignments a bit reluctantly: I can add files to a secure zones, but taking them out of a secure zones mostly doesn’t work; I need to go to “secure zones/[scure zone name]/files&folders” to do that.

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Seeing the same thing @TimL :slight_smile:

Good point!
Could you post it to the public backlog as an improvement?

@Peter-Schmidt - Backlog request

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@A3CS - @vlad.z

Added her: https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/request/improvements-to-assign-documents-to-a-secure-zone



@Peter-Schmidt I believe this item was completed under a different backlog name (https://portal.treepl.co/backlog/4039). Please double check but I think these requests are the same, so this one should be closed.

Here is the description of the completed item:

User Submitted File Upload To Specific Folder (+ secure/unsecure submitted files)
The ability to assign a custom folder path for user-submitted media objects.
This should also apply in the admin - so when selecting a file the file manager opens to the defined folder.
The ability to setup custom folder path to be secured (only admin have access) or unsecured (anyone with the link have access).”

This part hasn’t been integrated yet as per being able to set a path per custom module/system module for media objects being uploaded as part of a user-submitted custom module item or in the admin. The release note says so, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I think I remember it’s still on an internal list with the Treepl team.

I think the definition of “user-submitted media” in this backlog probably isn’t clear in describing both situations;

  1. files upload by a form (which has been implemented) and
  2. uploads as part of a user-submitted custom module item (not implemented).

Might need to clarify that point 2. is actually on the internal backlog, else might need a new backlog item for this. @vlad.z ?

Hi @Adam.Wilson
The ability to select a folder for the media properties on creating/updating module item form submit is already in the internal backlog.

@Peter-Schmidt Here is another backlog that looks to be completed. Treepl Portal

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@Adam.Wilson - Will you please verify that this is how it should be. Since this has changed a couple of times it seems, I would like to be absolutely sure :slight_smile:

Regarding this backlog item:
Improvements To Assign Documents To A Secure Zone
I believe this is now fully implemented.

Forms; have 2 levels of secure uploads.

  1. In the MISC Settings, ALL CRM file uploads can be secured for the Admin users only along with a selected folder to use.
  2. Individual Forms can be set to secure file uploads along with selecting a folder.

Custom Modules; allow for the Media File Upload Folder to be selected for that module. So, if you make that folder secure then the uploaded files are secured.

Regarding @TimL’s report on sub-folders/sub-files not being unsecured via the File Manager - this still seems to be the case. But this should be reported as a bug and is not so much related to this particular backlog item.