V5.5 Release Notes

v5.5 Release Notes are now posted:

(video review to come soon…)

Lots of juicy updates in this release.

Do we know if 2fa will be available for partner logins?

Data Source for system modules extending

Allow to select module for Data Source property from the FULL list of modules (system and custom modules)

Does this include the pages ‘module’ and file system ‘module’?

Hi @Alex_B_Centrifuge.

As I understand, 2FA is available for both Partner Portal login and end-user site admin logins.
(Although for now you need to contact support to have it activated)

Data Source does include ‘Pages’ and ‘Page Folders’, but not the File Manager - I don’t think this is a module as such.
However, isn’t the “Media” property type suitable for File Manager access?

Scratch file system. You’re correct @Adam.Wilson