V5.9.5 Release Notes now posted

Release notes posted: https://treepl.co/cms-features
along with new documentation added for eCommerce Javascript events: https://docs.treepl.co/ecommerce/shopping-cart-javascript


Glad to see the Shopping Cart JS event are already in the documentation.

I was looking to see if variables in liquid for loops was in the official documentation. I didn’t see it there. I did notice that we don’t link to the official liquid documentation anywhere in our documentation. Is that intentional?

@Alex_B_Centrifuge the plan is to fully document ‘Liquid for Treepl’ in the Treepl docs.
Why I haven’t linked to the Shopify/Official docs was mainly because not all the Liquid methods were exactly the same - but they are much more consistent now after all the Treepl updates.

But I’ll add the external documentation links now as they are still very helpful. Thanks for prompting this.

PS: I haven’t seen any Liquid documentation on using variables in forloops this way, except for a small example that hints at the capability here:
Iteration – Liquid template language
(see the very last ‘Range’ example using the num variable)
So I think it is standard Liquid functionality.