V6.10 Release Notes and video review

v6.10 Release Notes and video review now posted
Release Notes: Treepl CMS Features for Treepl Partners & CMS Resellers
Video Review:

0:00 Intro
0:25 Apply detail layout on item create form
3:30 Secure to CartID and crm member cookies
4:10 Site Information (Site Globals) Enhancements/Fixes
12:20 Analytics Dashboard - Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio) Option
16:20 Create Default JS Validation
20:00 File Manager: Show Date + List View in “Slide-In”
20:44 Custom Reports (further refinement)
21:50 File Upload On Mobile Devices
22:08 Custom Module: Remove Downloadable Media Checkbox
23:58 UX/UI Request: List Template Used Against System Pages + enable/disable system pages
12:20 Google Analytics Global Time Selector (see time stamp 12:20)
25:10 UX Improvement - “Global Component Builder” and “Global File Manager”
27:13 Fields/columns Added To The E-commerce/Gift Vouchers Module
27:50 Add “Delete All Items” toggle for Admin User Roles
29:05 Custom Modules Properties: Making Mandatory Items More Visible
29:55 Module Item Notes: Option To Display Notes More Prominently
31:30 Add Release And Expiry Dates/Time To Menu Items
32:15 Admin UI/UX Adjustments
34:08 Create Folder Within Image/Media Manager
34:57 Custom Module: Custom Properties. Rename “Text (String)” To “Single Line Text” Or “String (Text)”
35:52 1 hour refresh issue fix
37:55 Feature flags changes (v6.10)
38:40 Internet connection checker (UI)
39:20 Liquid Date Formatting Issue fix
40:16 Improve workflow sending logic based on plan restrictions
42:00 Empty tables UI improvements - Admin
42:44 Case sensitivity FTP improvement
46:50 Angular 15 refactoring
47:55 Event calendar month by URL accessibility
49:33 File Manager - move file
49:33 File Manager - move folder
50:35 Pagination refactoring
51:40 System emails a-z sorting by name
52:00 “New Item” button name standardization
52:26 Case insensitive search in admin UI
52:52 Email data widget improvement
53:52 Bug Fixes