V6.8 Release Notes and Video Review

Release Notes:

Video Review:

0:00 Intro
0:13 E-Commerce Quoting
12:00 eWay Payment Fields modal and expiration fix
14:30 Event payment including tax and volume discounts
16:06 Custom HTTP Headers
17:22 Checklist values with commas (improvement)
23:40 “Remember Me” for login form
24:50 Improve site loading with DB update
25:24 Tax rounding strategy options
27:16 Abandon Cart functionality
39:08 Disable detail layout option
44:25 Module item rating improvement
46:40 Full URLs in export files
48:20 ‘Site Information’ renamed to ‘Site Globals’
48:55 OSE Pro new features
58:56 Multiline Text property updates
1:00:00 Feature Flag update
1:00:17 Bug Fixes