Version 3.2 is here

Version 3.2 has been successfully deployed to all data centers bringing 2 bonus items: Full release notes are coming soon.

Hello Alex,
The new release caused an issue with the Page Folders not reading the index.htm file placed inside. It now throws up a Page Not Found error when you click on the link. e.g.

{% if this['description'] != null %}    
{% else %}
    {% capture indexPage %}{% component type:"module", source:"Page", layout:"Page Detail", filterBy:"url", filterValue:"{{this.url}}/index", limit:"1" %}{% endcapture %}
    {% if indexPage == null %}    
        Page not found     
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}

Hello Tedder,
Thanks for reporting this. Will do a hot patch on Monday to fix this.

Also @alex the ‘Datetime oriented by timezone’ doesn’t seem to be working for pre-existing sites. Only newly created sites.
Would be good to push this to existing sites somehow, but I can see how that might break peoples current workarounds.

Try this…
Go to partner portal, click “Edit site” for existing site and check click “Save”.
It may apply the time zone date.

Good thinking @alex. I tried this for an existing trial site and it worked.
I had to actually change the timezone to something else and then back to the desired one for it to take effect. So that’s good.
However, for existing live sites, we cannot make edits to this information and the save button is disabled.

So would this be a case of just contacting support to have them manually reapply the timezone on any live site where needed?