Weird login issues

For the last several days, my client cannot login. They enter their info and the page just spins and spins. This happens for all logins on all browsers. They have cleared the cache, rebooted etc (even downloaded a new browser to try). They can login to their site via their smartphone (even when connected via their office wifi) and I can login to their site with all their logins from my home.

That does sound strange @Jerry_Dever. From your description it surely must be a local network/machine issue. Like a firewall setting or internet security software blocking it.
So perhaps try temporarily disabling firewall/security software as a test?

Sorry I don’t have a remedy but I can add I have this issue but only in safari. On different machines and iOS. Chrome doesn’t have any issues. It’s like some issue with the log in method. Seems to almost load and then spins again, infinite repeat.

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Been having this issue quite a bit actually. Seems on new ADMIN user sign ups for the most part.

Only remedy is to send them a password reset via the ADMIN panel. Sucks that they need to reset their password, but seems to be the only fix.

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will try the admin reset for all counts. the weird thing is that this happened after having 1st ever zoom meeting with all the staff at my client’s office.