Where is new Pause Site Feature

Does anyone know how you access the new Pause Site feature is for customers who don’t pay? I can’t seem to locate where it is in the Partner Portal or in the site admin?

Hello @SiroccoDigital
You can find this option in the top bar. http://prntscr.com/nni6tj

Hmm, doesn’t show up on my paid site yet. Logged in as partner, version is on 4.2, “Beta Features” and “Documentation” show up, but no “Account Suspension”. Anybody else? Not that I need it now, but who knows :wink:

@Michael yes I can see it in the admin console. Thank you for the confirmation. @TimL I can see this option in live sites so must not be available in trial sites as they aren’t paid yet.

Well, this is strange, I must be special, because it is not showing as an option on any of my “Live Sites”. I just have Beta Features, Documentation and Logout.

Just checked two live sites. Not showing for me either :thinking:
(Version 4.2.0) :slight_smile:

It’s now showing on all my sites - live and trial. Maybe an issue with cache?

Thanks for the update @TimL - Works here as well now :slight_smile:
@A3CS - Showing on your sites as well? :slight_smile:

Hi everyone.
This was enabled during the weekend (data center time).
Sorry for confusion.

Hey, yes, I see it now. Thanks for the update @alex.n