Wholesale Discounts (Catalog Discounts)

BC has the option to apply Catalog Discounts on products for Wholesalers on a per CRM contact basis. I can’t locate this in the backlog. Is this something that is planned to be released anytime soon?

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Katherine… Did anything ever come of your enquiry as I am trying to find the same… that was one of the nice features in BC eCommerce


Unfortunately I didn’t. Would love this functionality too as have a client that would utilise if available.

Can’t believe no one else has sought this. I have been touch with support and they were not really able to offer any solution so I have now raised a topic on this matter to see what level of interest and what sort of functionality people would like to see before then placing it on the Backlog request list.

It has been a while since I have been back into Treepl in any great detail but for some reason, I thought this was a standard feature all along…


Feel free to contribute your suggestions on how a customer price list/discount feature might work.