With All Child Items?

Just trying to figure out what exactly is “with all child items” when creating pages in the admin. Is it related to secure zones only? It just seems to be hanging out there with no explanation, so I assume it is related to secure zones Does it have any affect if I have it checked or unchecked. Having it checked is the default when you create a new page, do users uncheck this ever if not related to secure zones?

Really couldn’t find much on past posts to answer my questions.


Yeah, it’s only to do with Secure Zones.
And I’m assuming it can only become relevant for items that can have child items (page folders, grouped module structures…).

It probably should be hidden unless a Secure Zone has been selected.

Hi, yes, it’s related to Secure Zones only. I think, it make sense to hide this checkbox while it’s no SZ selected. @Eugene