WYSIWYG custom styles, clear format

Looks like a new WYSIWYG editor was added last year would there be any more work done on it?

Is there no option to clear the formatting, if not how does anyone clear the formatting without it being a painful process?

Also, was the idea to add custom styles no longer happening?

How does anyone add styling to their articles/blog?
I’m using bootstrap and was hoping to use their basic styles for quotes, muted text, captions, image spacing etc. I know how to do it in code but my client is going to paste text in the WYSIWYG and spend hours making it look slightly attractive.
Do anyone’s clients use Treepl’s blog and asked the same questions?

Oof, there is no easy way @luke - what we do, and ask clients to do is to copy and paste into Windows Word (.docx) so from another source into Word (like from Google Docs, or an email or another source) - “paste and match formatting”. Then from Word, copy and paste into Treepl. A pop up will ask if you want to “clean” it. Then go into Code Format, then use the formatting function, and then CMD+F to find and remove any extra classes or elements added. This is what we do (and tell our clients to do).

As for custom styling - been asking for this for sometime. Somewhere you could add: custom branding colours, custom classes/ID’s, etc. So, for now, we just create a cheat sheet for clients to add any special classes/formatting. Those clients who get it… get it. Those that don’t, we just don’t give them the option - lol!

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Hey mate, it’s been a while since you posted here.

I was hoping there was a hidden little button to clear the format, like most WYSIWYG.

It’s not a good look for clients when many quality-looking platforms are popping up, and we’ve got to show clients workarounds.

I saw the post asking about the styling feature back 2-3 years ago. This was something BC had and helped with the quality.

Oh well, thanks for the help mate appreciate it.