Zapier for Jobs (Career) Page

I’ve just had a request to integrate a careers page with a custom-built Sharepoint job board. I don’t have much experience with Sharepoint, but the Sharepoint developer has suggested 4 options:

1 - He would email an excel file once a day (batch), and I would somehow process and post
2 - Email each job as it gets posted to Sharepoint in some sort of delimited fashion
3 - PUSH - use REST call and he would call web service to post/update jobs (batch)
4 - PULL - He would setup a web service using Power Automate and I would pull new job posting (batch)

I also have not used “Power Automate” but it looks similar to Zapier. (Except that it doesn’t work with Treepl)

My first thought was to use Zapier. He could send an email each time a job change added, changed, or deleted, then Zapier would make the changes in the Custom Module.
I think my customer would prefer real-time to a batch process since they constantly post jobs.
So … I feel like option 2 is petty straight-forward and easy with our new Zapier integration.

Here’s my question: What’s the best format for the delimited text to get into the Treepl step?
Format as JSON? Has anyone tested this yet? What is “best practice” so far? Anyone have any examples?


Hi @shannonlynd
The format of the email doesn’t concern Treepl as it’s Zapier’s email parser that will be parsing the email. (Email Parser by Zapier)
As long as the email is constructed consistently then you should be able to reliably set the parser to recognise the individual components. A table structure may even be best here… you just have to do some trial-and-error testing with the parser.

Once you have the parser pulling out the pieces you can then feed those into the Treepl Zapier Action in your Zap (which is what updates your module in Treepl).

@shannonlynd I have experience integrating external data via a JSON endpoint using Treepl’s module JSON. I know that wasn’t your question, but just in case Zapier doesn’t work out for your use case.

That might be a better (more straight-forward) approach.

If he posts the jobs via JSON file, then I could just fetch and write the data to the page. He would provide the “apply” link, so I don’t even really need a custom module.

Are there any security restrictions for this?

Does anyone know if Zapier can insert a file as a property of a custom module item in the workflows?
When the action is creating a new module item?

Yes, if the custom property is a media file field it will show in Zapier with a little file icon:

Apparently, this field can support a ‘file object’ or a valid ‘download URL’ as per this article:

However, in saying this, I haven’t yet been able to get this to work but I think I’m having a separate issue… Theoretically it should work :slight_smile:

Also, if there is a file being made publically available, perhaps you can simply link out to it (setting your Treepl item with just the URL path rather than actually uploading the file)?

If the data is public anyway, I don’t see security problems. If the data is private I use to add a key as URL parameter which is checked on the recieving site. I can show you examples at our “Jour Fixe” on Friday if you have time: Treehouse Online Meetings | Treepl CMS Partner Community (