Backing up the automated email of a web form

Most of the content of a website can be backed up by downloading files via FTP and exporting custom module items. But is there any way to backup the content of the automated emails of web forms besides doing a copy & paste of the content of each individual email in the web form’s ‘Settings’ tab?

Form auto-responder content isn’t currently available in the file system (admin or FTP) so no other option but to manually copy and paste.

As a feature request, I’d see this as part of the Form item. So if there was a “download/backup Form items” feature, the autoresponder content (and To/From/Subject) would be part of that data (along with form fields, workflows, type, alias, etc.).

If we could export a spreadsheet of all the forms (form ‘items’) with all their settings from each of the three tabs, this would be great. It would be just like exporting custom module items.

I suppose, therefore, that we should be able to import form items, though I haven’t had the need for this as yet.

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I’ve moved this to Treepl Backlog