Export/Import Form Items

The ability to export and import all the fields and settings for Forms in the same way we can for Pages and Custom Modules. The export/import file should include each field/setting for each of the three Forms tabs: Form Builder, Edit Layout, and Settings.

Currently, the layout of forms (the content entered into the ‘Edit Layout’ tab of Forms) can be backed up by downloading the html file via FTP. The content of the auto-response email (the content in the ‘Settings’ tab of Forms) cannot be downloaded or exported for backup. Nor can the content under the ‘Form Builder’ tab be downloaded or exported.

See previous Forum discussion at: Backing up the automated email of a web form

@Peter-Schmidt can we get this added to the backlog?

@hopestew - Sorry that I missed this :slight_smile:
Added here: https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/export-import-form-items

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