BACKLOG REQUEST - Admin Usage Logs

With the additional of the agency partner plan, where partner users are being added, we need admin activity logs (similar to BC).

I know that this information is available via a support ticket request, as we’ve needed it previously, but being able to access it ourselves from each site is much easier.

@SiroccoDigital did you have something else to add to this?


I guess this is sort of the same:
Forum discussion for that one: Backlog Request 2567 Discussion - Change/Activity Logs

Since it was 8 days ago - I could still remember, I guess my personal cache is around 10 days :joy:

Let me know if you want me to add further details to that one :slight_smile:

considering I am the one who has submitted both requests, I’m going to say my personal cache is around 10 minutes eyeroll

Thanks Peter, happy to combine them, no need for a new request.

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