BACKLOG REQUEST - Column Editing in Form Submissions Module

Requesting the option to edit columns within Form Submissions module, to make BC equivalent.

We would ideally like to be able to display First Name, Last Name & Email Address, however as everyone’s requirements are different, we thought being able to edit the columns would be the best suggestion as we can all customise it ourselves.

One of the most common complaints we receive from clients who regularly use their forms is that the form submission module is not user-friendly as they have to go into each individual form submission to see who submitted the form which can be an unnecessarily long process if they are receiving multiple submissions a day.

We have directed them to try searching, however this isn’t foolproof, and due to the strict search requirements, they are often getting invalid or no results.


@Eugene @vlad.z
– Would it be possible to implement the “custom columns” feature on these types of modules across the site? That would fix this problem and others to come, would that be a way to fix this. Just wanted to check before adding it to the public backlog :+1:


Hello @Peter-Schmidt,
I think it’s possible. Please add it to the public backlog.

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Thanks for your quick reply @Eugene :+1:
Added here:

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I agree. This is a much needed improvement.

Also, well written backlog request @lee.relianceit :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Well done @lee.relianceit in my view this is critical! The current list environment is meaningless to any user. This would be useful to nearly all my clients. Regards.

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Agree. If you have a bunch of forms, impossible to see quickly who’s who. Good suggestion @lee.relianceit :+1:

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@Peter-Schmidt The title of that backlog item wasn’t clear to me at first. May I suggest we update the title to something more descriptive. Perhaps “Add custom columns to all modules/list views in admin: form submissions, contacts,…” (add other specific examples where needed)

Don’t get me wrong @Alex_B_Centrifuge, I will gladly change the title, but to be honest it is not really for me to decide :slight_smile: Actually I have been thinking a lot about this in other cases. Since there is not that many partners that contribute to the items it is hard to get a feeling about what way the backlog items needs to go, also in terms of discussion about ideas.

I know this is a really small thing but I am not sure how we do this the easiest. As mentioned I will gladly change it, but in the bigger picture I am not quite sure how to act when these changes come up :slight_smile:

@Peter-Schmidt That’s a valid concern. It would be best to operate on consensus. It’s not my intention to override anybody.

It seems the backlog request title doesn’t match this forum post about the backlog request.

By all means, others who have posted in this thread should chime in. What do you think about my suggestion of updating this backlog item’s title? Let’s discuss. @lee.relianceit

My intention is to clarify the title of this item so that it attracts more attention.

I don’t mind what you call it, so long as the end goal is reached :+1:

Let’s take a poll on it :slight_smile:

Backlog Title Change
  • Custom Columns Across The Admin (Current)
  • Add custom columns to all modules/list views in admin: form submissions, contacts,…
  • Add Custom Table Columns for all Tabular List Views in Admin

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(Aren’t you the fancy one @Adam.Wilson with your forum polls :wink:) Frankly, I like your wording even better than mine!

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