BC to Treepl app v9.1.5 Bug: sending automated emails to secure zone subscribers

We stared the migration process for one of our clients using the BC to treepl app v9.1.5.

The site includes a secure zone. During the migration process it seems that treepl has automatically sent the “Secure Zone Login Details” system email to all secure zone subscribers prompting them to reset the password. Not a good look.

Did anyone else experience the same issue?

That’s interesting … while it’s not good to have this happening unannounced, this bug/feature actually helps with the process of migration secure zones. There is a thread here about how to send out emails to secure zone subscribers after migration so they can reset their password (which they have to as they are not migrated): Migrating Adobe BC secure zone members to Treepl CMS CRM and the process?

Answer from treepl support: An email “User Area Details” is sent automatically to the user when a user is assigned to the Secure Zone. This will be disabled in 5.3.

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Answer from treepl support: This will be disabled when using the app or adding users via site admin. This will be working just fine when users are added from the front end.