Changes to FTP credentials

Today we have rolled out some very important changes to Treepl. These changes affect all Treepl sites and Treepl users, so please read carefully:

  • The FTP username format for all of your Treepl sites is now changed and corresponds to your main email. For example, you’ve signed up with Treepl as and your FTP username is “johndesign”, starting today your FTP username is Later this week every Admin user of every Treepl site will be able to use their email address as their FTP username.

  • “Treepl Partner Portal” is now officially renamed to “Treepl Portal”

  • Treepl Portal’s URL is now changed from to (yes, there is a redirect from old to new)

Feel free to ask any questions here.


Noted @alex.n. This is a pretty important announcement, so maybe send an email out to signed up partners as well, not sure if everyone looks at the forum.

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Of course - there are several updates, including this one, that will be bundled in a mail blast later today.

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I’m guessing we still include the| at the beginning of the user?

Correct. Change is in username itself, site name still has to be specified.

Yeah the terminology is a bit misleading here given the way they have implimented logins.
The entire ftp username is still site|partneremail.
For example -|

Dreamweaver site setup as follows:

Server Name: Remote Server
Connect Using: FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit encryption)
FTP Address: [yoursite]
Username: [yoursite]|
Password: [partner portal password]

& make sure “Passive FTP” is checked.

While most of my clients won’t use this, it will be fantastic for the ones who do. Thanks!

@alex.n I don’t know if this is planned yet, but if clients now have the ability to access their sites via FTP using their admin credentials, shouldn’t we also have a way to exclude FTP access in Admin User Roles?

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Hi everyone I’m wondering if I can get some help with connecting FTP? For some reason, I can’t connect.
connection details below. much appreciated.

Hi, I see you’re using Transmit. Please check the following post, it might be relevant to your issue Is your FTP client not working?

If this doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket, we’ll take a closer look.


@luke - Quite sure that the post which @alex.n is referring to will solve it. Let us know if it still doesn’t work. You other settings looks just like mine :slight_smile:

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I did see this post and it was already ticked?
I will double check when I get home though.

Yes I double checked but still no luck.

Hmm strange :thinking:
I guess you have checked the password several times - is this your only site or can you login to others?
To be absolutely sure I would contact support :slight_smile:

From the settings I can see it should work!

Let support test it out with your credentials, to be absolutely sure that everything works.

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Yes I can login to the portal with that password and I have other trial sites also ATOM and Visual Studio Code but no luck there either.

I have contacted support but thanks for your help Peter and Alex.

Ok you can all tell me how silly I am as it was my password…lol…time for sleep I think!

Haha NW @luke - We’ve all tried that :slight_smile: