Custom Module User Input Workflow

Hey @vlad.z the Workflow when we assign a Workflow to a user-inputted Custom Module, does it only trigger the workflow on these conditions:

  1. It is the first entry of that custom module item; and/or,
  2. “Requires Approval” is checked?

If these are the triggers, any chance we can have it so that the workflow is initiated even if the above are set?

Reason I am asking is I have a client using it as an Artist Portal… the staff want to know when the artist makes an update to their profile.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your response.


Hey @A3CS here’s a thread with pretty much the same topic. We also need to have workflow notifications whem items are edited. Not only for sites we need to migrate (so the site works as it did with BC), but also for a new project which is in development right now.

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Feature added to internal backlog.
If you want to speed-up this feature then add it to the public backlog. So every partner who is interested in this functionality can vote for it.