Data Source equivalent for selecting Content within Custom Module field?

First and foremost, the deeper I get into Treepl, the more excited I am about it - fantastic stuff. These Custom Modules are phenomenal, with the component filtering absolutely blowing away the old BC approach - it’s so simple, it’s absolutely brilliant… great work team!

Customizable built-in Content modules
The system’s Content modules appear to be much more usable/powerful than BC, since we can add/edit properties & layouts. LOVE it! With this customization available, I’m hoping to use some of these built-in Content modules (Events, Galleries, Banners) instead of duplicating/re-creating them all as Custom Modules.

Access Content within Custom Module?
Is there a way to add/select/connect these Content modules within a Custom Module field (similar to Data Source for connecting other Custom Modules)? I often need to select a specific Gallery, or a specific Event within another Custom Module. As far as I can tell, the only way to add a built-in Content module item to a Custom Module is via Components in the Custom Module’s “Content” WYSIWYG field, and that’s a bit too complex for many of our clients to do themselves.

Currently, unless I’m missing it, I feel we are limited to using only the Custom Modules for Events, Galleries, Sliders, etc if we need to connect them with other Custom Modules. I’m afraid having two Events (in both Content and Custom Module), two Sliders, two Galleries, etc is too confusing to our clients, and even to my own design team. Apologies if this has already been answered, I scoured the Forum the best I could.

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That’s a good point @craigwhitlock. Currently, the Data Source property only allows us to reference from other Custom Modules. It would be good to be able to choose from system modules (including Pages) as well.

This discussion talks about a similar thing (although slightly different), but I think both methods would be useful:
File System API as data source?

I’d propose that the Data Source property be set up similar to how Categories can be enabled for Custom Modules. So by default, a Data Source would allow the selecting of any item in the system (Page, Blog, Event, and any Custom Module), but can then optionally be locked down to just one module for when greater control is needed.
I think that would cover all requirements, including this existing backlog item:

@Peter-Schmidt is there enough here to write this up as a backlog request?

Any other thoughts?
@craigwhitlock would this satisfy your requirements too or have I missed anything?

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Yes. Thank you, Adam. I think that might bring the system and custom sides together quite well.

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Sounds great guys - Added here:

– Let me know if you have anything you want to add :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Peter-Schmidt. I’m wondering if the following 2 backlog items should now be removed (or merged into this new one) since they are all essentially the same thing/same solution?
And if so, can the vote for the second item below be carried over to this item?

Sorry for my late reply @Adam.Wilson.
They are now all in the “new” one and the votes are added from the earlier requests, and I have made redirects for the “old” ones to the new one :slight_smile:

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@Peter-Schmidt, The Data Source now has all modules available. The only part that is not implemented is…

Maybe an updated backlog if anyone feels this is something that is needed. I don’t let my clients create custom modules, so I don’t need this control, but others might.

Again - Not absolutely sure what the question in mind is. When I setup a Custom Module and do a “field type” as Data source, I can choose other modules as source, but not other “modules” as for example “pages” and other system modules?

@Rhatch - Please let me know what you think.
@Adam.Wilson - Can you please verify this as I am not a 100% sure :slight_smile:

@Peter-Schmidt Here is what I am looking at. I can connect to “pages” and other system modules. Is this not what this is referring to?

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Ahh COOL! :star_struck:
I was checking on a test page with a lot of modules, so it totally drowned in all of my tests! :smiley:

VERY COOL :slight_smile:

Will remove it :smiley: