File System API as data source?

I’m looking for some community input to see if this even makes sense.

Say I had a page banner module. In that page banner module I wanted to be able to select from a list of the page on the site so that I could associate a page banner with a page. Then I could call the module on the page and filter it by the page name/id/slug (whatever I called in the data source).

Is this an idea that makes sense to have the File System API as a data source?

You kind of can do this already with the ‘media’ type property, since you can select pages through that interface as well as other files.
Not totally intuitive though…

But yeah, the ability to select the ‘Pages’ module as the data source would be the most intuitive for this type of use case - which should be totally possible since it’s just a module like any other.

Makes sense to me.

@Adam.Wilson funny, I never thought of using the Media field. Makes sense though. It’s weird how we can have blind spots like that. Seems so obvious now.

@Adam.Wilson Should I turn this into a backlog request?

Anybody have additional ideas for such a feature?

@Alex_B_Centrifuge, yeah I think it would be good to have an option for an ‘item’ style selection UI as well as the ‘media’ style UI.
It makes more sense for the client.
So basically what we have in Menus when selecting an item to link to: