Has anybody tried BC Exporter for migrations?

I got an email yesterday from BC exporter. Looks promising. It’s not cheap but it would definitely save time on more complex sites.

Here’s a screenscap of the pricing from the video on there site.


It looks like other CMS’s have “push-button simple to import your BC Exporter data into their platforms”. @alex Is this along the lines of what Treepl will eventually offer?

No, we will do better.

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We are doing better :slight_smile:


That’s great @alex ! Honestly that video of just getting all the assets over from one site to another is… well it would automate some of the work I like the least. I’m sure treepl will come up with a better solution.

I know you guys are working hard at work on this. Any idea of when we’ll have access to it… be able to beta test it?

Hi Alex,
We plan to show some results in March.

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