Integrate Secure Zone User credentials into mail campaigns

Description: on BC we had groups of Secure Zone users. We would regularly email those users using the email campaign function, grouped in lists. We would regularly need to include the users’ individual login credentials for the Secure Zone. BC allows/ed us to include the and <secure_password_link> which would look something like:

Username: {tag_recipientemail}
Set Password: {tag_recipientpasswordresetlink}

Of course the password was never sent, only the secure link.

This might be a useful tool in eCommerce as well, needing to send a group of customers a reminder to update their password on an annual basis.

In BC we also have a number of other tags that can be used in email campaign templates:

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Hi @FractalCreative. Welcome to the forum!
Treepl currently integrates with MailChimp for email campaigns and we don’t have any way to pull CMS/CRM content into those emails.

For sending users password reset links, there may be some ideas here:
Migrating Adobe BC secure zone members to Treepl CMS CRM and the process?

And regarding your request overall, I think it could be a good use-case/example to add to the main MailChimp backlog request here:
Mailchimp question/issue

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