Secure Zone emails. Why so many?

I am working on a site that allows users access to content based on Secure Zone access. They will pay for this info via Stripe.

My question is, why are there so many emails going out automatically?

Right now, the user signs up, pays via stripe, and three emails show up in their inbox:

1 Secure Zone Login Details
2 Confirm Email Notification
3 Invoice

This is confusing for the user. And if they don’t open and act on “Confirm Email Notification” first, they are going to head down the wrong path.

@vlad.z , can we combine “Secure Zone Login Details” and “Confirm Email Notification” emails into one?

Or send them at specific times? For example, send the “Confirm Email Notification” email first…THEN once that is confirmed send out the “Secure Zone Login Details”?

Or…could we select whether or not to even sent the “Secure Zone Login Details” email?

I’m trying to simplify the process as much as possible to make is less confusing for our customers.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Derek_Barnes. There is a lot of discussion on this topic at the link below which might also give some more info for you. Feel free to add your comments there too:
Simplify secure zone password setup for new users

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Whoa! How’d I miss that thread.

Thanks @Adam.Wilson