Web app Save to favourites

I need the ability to save web app items to a favourites list.
Any info if planned.

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@barbaraP Can you give some more details on this? Do you want users to be able to be able to add web app items to a favourites list on the front end, or do you need to be able to tag items to a favourites list on the back end/admin interface?

Welcome to the forum, @barbaraP ! If you’re talking about the a replacement for {module_favorites} as we had it in BC for users to add front end item to a list of favorites, there’s nothing in Treepl yet to replace that module directly. But @Adam.Wilson had an idea how to do it in Treepl anyway: How to add Favorite option for Custom Module Items?

Sorry did not comment before now. I am talking about a replacement for the BC {module_favorites}. I need to allow site visitors to add a web app item to a list that they can save when they are logged into a secure zone and print it out. Will try the suggestion of @Adam.Wilson.