When migrating email accounts from BC to treepl/openSRS, What is the order of the steps?

I’m thinking I complete the process Transfer of BC Hosted Email Accounts (OpenSRS) prior to activating the trial site and updating my DNS settings. Is that correct?

Currently that’s how I’ve been doing it and is working fine.
I assume in the future though, Treepl will require us to activate (pay for) the site plan before moving email to them.

Thanks @Adam.Wilson. After searching I found the answer on slack as well. I decided to x-post it for everybody’s benefit. [FROM SLACK] *Question regarding emails from BC to Treepl:* Has anyone had any experience moving BC emails to Treepl?

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@Adam.Wilson Folllow up: If the client is direct billed, do we really have to have them send the request to BC? Has anybody had any luck doing this as a partner on a clients behalf, even if they are being direct billed?

Another silly question (it’s probably right in front of me). For Partner Portal: -Partner Portal Code/ID- (from your Partner Portal under ‘Settings’ > ‘Partner Settings’)

I don’t see “Settings > Partner Settings”

This is referring to your BC partner portal not Treepl’s. Is that the confusion?

Yes, that is exactly the confusion. Thanks as always @Adam.Wilson

I’ll try and adjust the wording in the Docs.

Docs now adjusted for clarity:

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I started a Support Case with BC (Friday 21st Feb) to migrate mailboxes to a treepl live site. I did follow up with BC today. The answer was: “I can see the case has been escalated to Cristinel. Please wait for his response”

What are your experiences regarding migration time frames from start to finish?

Yeah, it can be several days since there are so many parties involved and tickets flying across time zones, etc…
BC ticket escalation has probably been around 2-3 days for me in the past (but who knows what shape their support team is in at the mo). OpenSRS and Treepl side of things tended to move a lot quicker.
I’ve not had any bad experiences with OpenSRS support so far they have been pretty good.