BACKLOG REQUEST - Show/Hide Inactive/Disabled Items

We have a client (not pictured) that has HUNDREDS of custom module items, I’d love to only see items that are current and active.

I’m open to keeping this as simple as possible, a toggle option perhaps?

A good use case of this would be Media Downloads, a client has a monthly newsletter, as they were migrated from BC they have items going back to 2013. They don’t want to lose this historical data, but also don’t want it available for public viewing. We are asked to update the current November newsletter, we search November but still get 7 versions, it’d be nice to only get items that are in date, or still active.

It would be handy to have the choice of:

  • showing all enabled and disabled
  • showing just enabled
  • showing just disabled
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@lee.relianceit @hopestew
Added here: :slight_smile:

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@Adam.Wilson I recall way back when that we were talking about requesting advanced filtering for modules, either facet filters or the ability to filter with and/or. I don’t see the request in the backlog. Do you recall this?

I even have the memory that I went away and did some research and put together a proposal.

I think this is it @Alex_B_Centrifuge:

Looks like it was never added to back log??? not sure

I guess we have these two?

Let me know if it makes more sense to combine all of these maybe? :slight_smile:

It looks like we got our version of

@Adam.Wilson I notice there is a filter section at the top of that view. Can you do a demo of how that works.

The other two ideas would be to have a filter section hidden in an accordion similar to the custom reports filter section.

Another idea would be to have column filters similar to excel:

I would guess though that google came up with something nicer for its filter section.

@Peter-Schmidt Are those two backlog requests still active. I think they’ve probably been addressed by the “Tables” feature. Maybe I’m missing something in those requests.

I like the idea that the filters would generally take up minimal screen space. Something like the google filter section

Then when the add filter button is pressed, the seciton accordions open and there is the ability to add a filter, something like the BC filters:

(but only one would show and there would be a button below to add an additional filter. )

One thing I would add would be to have the ability to save filters with a name. I would have save filters appear below the filters as a series of "pill’. Then when the user clicks on them the filter would be recalled. I can mock it up if it’s unclear.

Nice work @Alex_B_Centrifuge.
Here’s a demo of the Google filter from my previous custom columns example, although I don’t think they’ve done a great job here. Plus they only allow for a “Starts with” condition. So I think the BC filtering or your other examples would be better:

Also, if multiple filters are added it would be great to have AND, OR, NOT options as well :slight_smile:
For this kind of control, I think the BC API Discovery app had a pretty good setup, allowing to build query groups along with multiple rules:

This format could then be re-used for a query builder for when we get JSON query strings (AKA module_data) filtering for component tags.

@Alex_B_Centrifuge - This one is still active, so I don’t know if you want to add to that one? :slight_smile:

I see, that backlog item is about adding the tables feature to built in modules that don’t currently have it.

Just let me know what you want me to add or edit and I will take a look at it - sorry if I misunderstood something :grimacing:

@Peter-Schmidt I made a suggestion on the original thread to keep everything in contenxt :smile: BACKLOG REQUEST - Column Editing in Form Submissions Module

As far as this backlog request @Adam.Wilson provided some great suggestions. I have an idea to combine the ideas presented. I’ll see if I get a minute to mock something to get some feedback. I’d like to keep it simple but allow for complexity.

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While the original part of this post is now part of 6.1 I think there was a part that was missed. That is “Showing Just Expired” items. Yes, you can filter for them if you have the expiration date in a column but to delete them you would have to individually select them. It would just save time. I think most things would be expired than disabled. So do we start a new backlog item for this?

@Eugene - A new item for this minor fix or can you add it to the “internal” backlog? :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter-Schmidt
I think we add it to the internal backlog because probably this is a small bug. I think if an item has expired this one also should be filtered as the disabled item. We’ll discuss this and decide: include the expired items in the ‘disabled’ filter or add a new filter.


Thanks @Eugene, sounds good :+1:

@Eugene I would vote for it to be a seperate filter because that’s more robust and some use cases may have a clear distinction between the two.
Just my 2cents :slight_smile:

I’ve had a conversation with Vlad about it and we decided to add a separate filter “Expired”.