Zapier Integration

Zapier integration would greatly extend the treepl platform and address a lot of additional use cases.

This has already been added to the backlog, but it lacks a forum post and requires additional input from the community to flesh it out.

Please post your preferred integrations. Be specific: what triggers, what data should be passed to Zapier, what is the use case?

Here are some specific cases that where proposed during the meeting: please feel free to expand/correct them:

  1. Every time there is a sale write data to spreadsheet or inventory management. Trigger: Sale. Data: data related to sale i.e. item, quantity, price, customer name, shipping address etc
  2. Extend CRM – get information from site to salesforce or from salesforce to the site. Data: treepl CRM data
  3. Form signup data- push data to mySQL database

Other ideas/triggers: e-commerce, blogs, forms, custom modules.

What the treepl team needs to move forward on this is “What are the integrations the community needs? Come up with a set of integrations. Use cases.”

Looking forward to hearing everybody’s ideas. I know that you are very familiar with Zapier integrations and some of the workflows came from your suggestions during the meeting. Please feel free to clarify.

@shannonlynd (I hope I got the correct username) During the meeting you mentioned that you had experience with Zapier integration. It would be great if you could expand on some of the use cases you’ve found most useful.


Apr 23

Has anyone had any success setting up SMS messages to be sent from Form Submissions?

IrinaTreepl Team

Hi @SiroccoDigital, Unfortunately, SMS Notifications aren`t available in Treepl. Please post your request on Treepl forum under Public Backlog category.

TimLTreepl Partner![]
Apr 24

You could try to use Zapier for that. Connect your form to a workflow which triggers a Gmail address. With SMS by Zapier Integrations you can trigger a SMS when recieving an email on this account from a certain sender. Apparently requires a Business Gmail account though, but there might be other similar solutions out there.
I personally would vote up the Zapier integration because that might make things even easier I guess.

SiroccoDigitalTreepl Partner!

@TimL the client is wanting the customer to receive an SMS when they complete a form with pre-formatted content. This would be an option for sure if it could be implemented on Treepl sites to be able to send from Form Submissions. I have voted for this so hopefully it is an option soon as it would extend websites so much more.

Btw, the SMS by Zapier Integrations for gmail is a great option but not available is Australia :frowning:

SiroccoDigitalTreepl Partner


Apr 28

@Peter-Schmidt can we add to the backlog -

Push Phone Number to Mailchimp Mailing List
Allow for Name, Email and Mobile Number from webform submissions to be sent to Mailchimp lists so that SMS notifications can be sent to customers using SimpleTexting or Text Magic which can be linked to Mailchimp.

More details on using Jotform to trigger Zapier

@vlad.z I encourage you to post here if you have any specific questions you need feedback from the community regarding Zapier integration.

Thanks, @Alex_B_Centrifuge, for setting up the post!

These are the scenarios I’m thinking of right away:

  • Everything triggering a workflow could also trigger a Zap, data could be the same which is available in the relevant objects e.g. formSubmissionData and order.
    This would be very usefull to connect Treepl web forms and eCommerce with various CRM or merchandise management systems.
    For us specifically interesting is the integration with Hubspot via Zapier and with tools like Trello, Slack and Teams.

  • Creating (deleting, editing) module items (custom, events, blog, products, catalogs, gift vouchers) could triggers Zaps. The data? All available properties if possible (don’t know how difficult this would be).
    Scenario: One of our clients runs a blog with a team including social media managers. So this would be very usefull to connect the publishing workflow on various plattforms e.g. when a post is published the social media team gets notified via Slack or the post is automatically posted to the Facebook page via Zapier.
    Another scenario with a different client: We are working on a solution which includes a facility management application. Employees will be able to create and edit custom module items in a secure zone reflecting certain stages in a maintenance process. This could trigger Zaps for notifications in all kinds of apps like Slack or Facebook Messenger (Whatsapp is not yet available in Zapier). Maybe there’re also apps to connect IoT devices, but I did go there yet.

  • Creating (deleting, editing) CRM items could trigger Zaps. Data could be again all available properties. Scenario again could be to connect various CRMs with Treepl via Zapier.

@vlad.z Do you think Zapier could be able to perform CRUD operations in Treepl, too? (Edit: That’s actually called Actions in Zapier :-))

NEW Zapier integration request for Custom module items import.
We’ve been using Zpaier more than 6 month for Google Sheets & Vimeo to automate Embed code to show up on Google sheets when we upload files to Vimeo. (Super easy and no mistake like copy & paste manual work method.)
Now I would like to integrate with Treepl’s Custom module items to import data when I create new sheet on Google sheet to import data if possible. I guess Treepl side needs google sheet file format to work.
As you know Zapier will trigger API call in every 5 minutes, Please let us know if it’s too much API call for Treepl’s platform.

Firstly, thanks @Alex_B_Centrifuge for compiling all this!!!

Initial question for the devs:
I’m interested in Zapier for automation/connection within Treepl CMS itself.
So my initial question to the dev team is if integrating with Zapier would naturally allow us to connect back to Treepl (same site or even another Treepl site) for whichever modules you open it up for.
Would this type of automation/triggering be better handled by an internal module, and therefore a different feature request?

My thinking is that you could use Zapier to kill two birds with one stone: both external app integration AND internal automation. At least for the short-mid term to bring automation to the platform sooner.

Here is how some of the usual suspects integrate with Zapier (scroll down for the section with Triggers and Actions:
Siteglide: (this one also integrates Searches)

@TimL I reviewed all of the actions for the services you posted and I think they fall into a few major categories:

  1. Trigger: new item on treepl (Module Item, Blog Post, CRM record, Ecommerce Item),
    Data: Item field data,
    Action: External service action

  2. Trigger: external service item creation (i.e. Add to pocket, new row in Google Sheet),
    Data: New item field data,
    Action, New treepl item (i.e. blog post, module item, etc)

  3. Trigger: Treepl form submission,
    Data: Form data,
    Action: external service action

  4. Trigger: External service form submission,
    Data: external form data,
    Action: Treepl item creation (i.e. new crm record, new crm case)

  5. Trigger: Treepl item update (module item, ecommerce item),
    Data: item data,
    Action: external service action (i.e. create blog post, SMS, tweet etc)

Less common (Drupal):
6. Trigger: email sent to treepl,
Data: email Data,
Action; treepl item creation (new blog post, new web app item)

To summarize, the main treeple triggers are:

  1. New item on treepl (module item, blog post, crm record, ecommerce item)
  2. External service item creation (pocket, new mailchimp contact etc)
  3. New form submission on treepl (or ecommerce purchase)
  4. Treepl item update (ie. update module iteem)
  5. Email sent to treepl

Example external service triggers:

  1. New rows in google sheets
  2. New Mailchimp campaign
  3. New Pintrest Pins
  4. New Tweet
  5. New RSS feed items
  6. New Youtube videos
    New Airtable Records
    New instagram photos
    New evernote note
    New article in feedly
    New eventbrite events

Example external form submission services:

  1. Gravity forms form submission
  2. New entry in Typeform
  3. New Jotform

Example treepl actions taken:

  1. treepl form submission
  2. create cms item like blog post, cms item, cms case, crm record

Example actions taken on external services:

  1. new google sheets row
  2. send data to mailchimp list
  3. send data to slack
  4. update contacts on Active Campaign
  5. create or update Intercom users
  6. send form submission to HubSpot
  7. add leads on sales force
  8. send data to Facebook pages
  9. form data as LinkedIn update
  10. new note on Evernote
  11. send Beepsend SMS message
  12. add form submission to Excel
  13. add new contact to Constant Contact
  14. share posts on Pintrest
  15. create new tweet
  16. share posts to slack channel
  17. comments create Slack notifications
  18. create google calendar event
  19. backup to dropbox
  20. etc etc

I think the best thing we can do is identify high priority workflows. Especially those people who already use Zapier integrations.


Thank you for the feedback on the Zapier integration. This post is a very good example of the feature functionality specifications.
If I got you right here the main idea is to create support of the following Zapier integrations:

Triggers (should be performed by Treepl once appropriate action is made in the CMS):

  • New Module Item
  • Updated Module Item
  • New CRM Member
  • Updated CRM Member
  • New CRM Form Submission
  • Updated CRM Form Submission
  • New CRM Booking Subscription
  • Updated CRM Booking Subscription
  • New Order
  • Updated Order
  • New Gift Voucher
  • Updated Gift Voucher
  • Triggered Workflow


  • Create Module Item
  • Update Module Item
  • Create CRM Member
  • Update CRM Member
  • Create CRM Form Submission
  • Update CRM Form Submission
  • Create CRM Booking Subscription
  • Update CRM Booking Subscription
  • Create Order
  • Update Order
  • Create Gift Voucher
  • Update Gift Voucher
  • Send Workflow


  • Find Module Item
  • Find CRM Member
  • Find CRM Form Submission
  • Find CRM Booking Subscription
  • Find Order
  • Find Gift Voucher
  • Find Workflow

Please Correct/Add/Confirm the integrations noted above.

That looks like a pretty comprehensive list to me. @vlad.z I assume when you say module, you’re including built-in, custom modules, and e-comm. Also, I know we don’t have native comments, but I would add comments to that list for when it roles out.

Yes. Modules are:

  • All System modules (Pages, Products, Blogs, Events etc)
  • All Custom modules

It would be perfect if this point will be added to the description and/or forum post linked to the public backlog request regarding Native comments

This is a very comprehensive list, but I would like to add a little more specificity for my needs. They are both specific to workflows and email communications:

When a Custom Module’s “Renewal deadline” custom datefield property = “today”, it triggers a Zap.

We have a membership site and a Custom Module called “Membership”. The membership can start any day of the year. We have the following custom properties:
“Membership Status” = pending, active, expired, retired
“Effective Start Date” = the start date for that membership for that year
“Renewal Date” = “Effective Start Date” + 1 year
“Payment for Renewal Date” = records that renewal date that they are paying for (not the date the payment is made)

I would like to configure a Zap to trigger 60 days before the “Renewal Date” to trigger a Zap to send an email reminding them about the upcoming renewal and a link to pay.

Then, 30 days before the “Renewal Date”, if custom property “Renewal Date” <> (“Payment for Renewal Date”), then trigger a Zap to send another reminder email.

Then on the “Renewal Date”, if custom property “Renewal Date” <> (“Payment for Renewal Date”), change the “Membership Status” in their “Membership” Custom Module Item to “Expired” and send an email notification.

When you update the CRM Member, specifically the “Member Type” property, we would like this to trigger an update to Zapier, so that we can use this property (or any custom field) as a tag in Mailchimp.

We have another membership site, and the members are categorized into sub-groups (primary member, secondary member, past leader, current leader, board member). There is a need to email the different sub-groups of members. It would be great to use the CRM to identify role or member type of each member, and when the member is added, updated, removed, then this triggers an action for Zapier to adjust the tags in Mailchimp.

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@shannonlynd There seem to features to delay zaps on the zapier side.

Would that meet your needs? As long as the all fields, including “Effective Start Date” were passed to Zapier I think this should work? What do you think?

As per the spec changing a CRM member type property should trigger Zapier under “Update CRM Member”

I’m not currently a heavy Zapier user, so I’d appreciate feedback if I’m getting that wrong.

Might be a stupid question; please excuse me, I haven’t used these forums before. I noticed that Zapier has been re-labelled as ‘lacking information’ with 0 votes on the public backlog (it previously had quite a lot of votes). Is this still being prioritised? Do we have any idea of an ETA? TIA. :slight_smile:

Hi @JAQ. Welcome to the forum!
The Backlog submission and voting system has recently be given an overhaul. Basically so that all the info and requirements can be gathered and reviewed by the community and the team for a better and more controlled outcome.
Here’s a link to the Treehouse meeting discussing this topic further:

@JAQ The treepl team also came back to the partners asking for the request to be defined further. Zapier Integration is a bit vague, there are so many things that that could be.

This forum thread represents the feedback that partners have given to flesh out this request. I’m not sure what the next step is. @alex what’s the next step?

The next step is to get estimate from the team.
@vlad.z will follow up here soon.

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Thanks for the clarification everyone. :slight_smile: